Restoring Your Natural Balance, Vitality & Optimal Health

At Aquarius Holistic Health, we define holistic healing as a means of treating the “whole” person— inside and out. We believe that nothing is separate, instead everything is connected. This includes the physical body, thoughts and emotions, the energy fields within and around the physical body (including external and environmental influences).

While Western medicine tends to focus on treating, reducing and in essence fighting the physical symptoms of disease— Aquarius Holistic Health focuses on releasing the underlying causes of disease, and supporting the physical, emotional or spiritual well being on all levels.

Returning to Wholeness

Aquarius Holistic Health specializes in state-of-the-art technological online consultation, that enables us with precision, to prescribe and coach you in our three step approach to optimal health. The three step approach establishes immediate balance and is a path to healing any disease by becoming whole. In our view to become “healed,” simply means to become “whole.”

With our central focus on nutrition, emotional healing and medicinal herbalism we explore with you how to align your daily habits with the natural laws of health, where the bodies innate healing and vitality is restored and you are empowered with the tools and information to live a long and healthy life.

Discover how Aquarius can support your complete health by experiencing our Complimentary Online Holistic Health Consultation.